December 23, 2020

Top 3 Ovarian Cancer Molecules : Super Fast Overview

Top 3 Ovarian Cancer Molecules : Super Fast Overview. Taking a quick look at Niraparib, Rucaparib and Olaparib.
December 13, 2020

Cancer Blood Test? A 1000k Question.

As our population grows and grows older. So the number of cancer sufferers will increase. A screening cancer blood test to detect cancer individuals that are […]
March 25, 2020

Understanding Ketogenic Nutrition Support For Cancer Patients

Ketogenic nutrition support terminology either parenteral nutrition or enteral feedings concept is applied to patients with intractable seizure and some cases in inborn error of metabolism like carbohydrate disorder metabolism and characterized by high fat, low carbohydrate, and maintenance protein contents.
August 7, 2019

Juicy MCQS Question bank 5

What is the next step of choice when a patient is having a family history with breast cancer?
July 4, 2019

Juicy MCQS Question bank 1

Which of the following factors most likely increased this patient's risk for developing this cancer?
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