More than 30 years of research underlie the approaches that we now use in a standard way to manage the pain of cancer in our patients.

There is so much fear mongering going on right now, across the United States and around the world that can have the unintended consequence of influencing your ability and your commitment to controlling the pain of your cancer patients.

opioids abuse scaled - Opioids for Managing Cancer Pain
Opioids for Managing Cancer Pain

Don’t let that happen. The fear mongering is related to diversion of opioids for non-medical uses. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be appropriately prescribing opioids for your cancer patients.

That evidence that’s been gained over the last 30 years has proven that more than 90% of patients can have pain control to their satisfaction throughout the rest of their lives. If you want more help and guidance in providing that level of relief for your patients, use the NCCN guidelines.

Those have been carefully developed to be easy to use that make the research clear so that you can confidently manage your patients, including prescribing the necessary opioids in the necessary doses and then the necessary schedules so that their pain can be relieved to their satisfaction for the rest of their lives.

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