What is Durvalumab, and how it works?

Well, it’s basically an immunoglobulin monoclonal antibody, it works by a very cool trick; where it affects on the T-Cell and wakes it up to fight the cancerous cells. The T-Cell usually identifies and kills tumor cells, but due to a protein present on the tumor cell, PD-L1 that basically stop the T-Cell functions. To summarize the mechanism of action:

Durvalumab blocks programmed cell death ligand 1 (PD-L1) binding to PD-1 and CD80 (B7.1) thus restores antitumor t-cell function.
Durvalumab dosing

Durvalumab Dosing

  • Usually the dose is 10 mg/kg and the cycles are every 2 weeks, some protocols can be given as 1500mg flat dose every month.
  • Durvalumab is not emetogenic, thus might not need any prior anti emesis treatment.
  • Durvalumab is given diluted in 100ml saline and administered over 60 minutes.
  • The treatment to be continued every 2 weeks for at least a year, unless disease progression or fatal side effects.
Durvalumab dosing doesn’t require any modification for renal patients, however if the patient developed a renal toxicity after starting Durvalumab, then the dose has to be adjusted depending on serum creatinine elevation and managing other symptoms accordingly.

MCQs about Durvalumab

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2. What is the standard infusion time for Durvalumab?



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