March 18, 2021

Important Thoughts about Leadership – Part 1

Are You a Leader? Do You Have the Leadership Skills? There are many leadership lessons, but on the top of them is good intentions. Part 1
March 14, 2021

70+ Infection Control Questions a Surveyor Might Ask You

70+ Infection Control Questions a Surveyor Might Ask You, either JCIA or another accreditation.
February 4, 2021

SEMrush Quick Review

SEMRush is among the most popular keyword research tools that assists you do a complete SEO audit for your site. With this amazing tool, you can track keyword rankings, inspect your backlinks, check the ranks of your competitor and do a lot more.
December 13, 2020

Cancer Blood Test? A 1000k Question.

As our population grows and grows older. So the number of cancer sufferers will increase. A screening cancer blood test to detect cancer individuals that are […]
December 8, 2020

Thoughts bursting out

Nobody here thinks wearing a mask to the store is fun. If people stopped messing about and living their little hedonistic desires for let’s say what, three weeks? This could have been drastically reduced.
December 3, 2020

Free VBA Tip: How To Print Each Row/Cell On A Separate Page In Excel? – Excel VBA

VBA: Print each row/cell on a separate page in Excel VBA.
November 20, 2020

Why do women like shopping and spending money so much?

Because fashion brands make money from women’s insecurities and desires (for love, for a 2.0 version of themselves, for a better life). So they have a […]
November 20, 2020

To the friend quitting her job

When you think your life is absent of meaning, you find yourself getting a job, your own place and winning a bunch of professional awards. When you come to hate your day-to-day routine, and regard it as a waste of time, you find life gives you an opportunity to spend a year volunteering in Africa or elsewhere.
November 6, 2020

Open PDF links directly in Google Chrome

Open chrome://settings/content/pdfDocuments You can adjust the settings, either to let chrome open the pdf or download it.
Open PDF links directly in Google Chrome
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