What does it take to have the leadership skills / leadership qualities?

It’s all about good intentions. If you have the intention to serve, to empower and to influence, you will get there. So really, you know, there are many leadership lessons, but on the top of them is good intentions.

There was a combination of right timing, right opportunities and prayers. I would never say it was because of hard work only. I think it was a combination of all of those. Many can agree with me about it being multiple factors and not just one thing that gets you where you are.

I think what would be useful for everybody to also learn and know that it takes compassion at least for me. You have to have the well and the desire to change and to serve others. So is the compassion normally to serve people, but also the desire to make a change in life.

And another thing I would add is humility. If we’re able to understand it to a deeper level where that our only role in life is to help others, I think we will go far…. being leaders.

We can never have stopped being inspired. For those who are reading, I think hard work and training, even when you’re tired. That’s one thing that people come across. And when they feel that they’re tired, they think, you know, let’s, let’s take a break or step back. And just having that leap of faith, and moving forward and believing in you know, what you hope to make a difference in and helping others Of course.

It’s all about the hustle. always trust yourself.

Being a leader in this generation has changed dramatically!

You know, I am a kind of person who believes that the millennials, particularly the age group, between 24 and 29 are born leaders, they have a very high level of exposure. They have the access to information. And, they believe that it’s all about working with the role model person. I believe the investment on this millennial is worth it.

And from my exposure in the past, it’s obvious that, the future is there. I’m very optimistic. What I like to emphasize on is to have the Generation X and the senior millennials as good mentors and good preceptors. If those are available, and we invest at the right time on those millennials. The future is prosperous.

So do you believe the concept of leadership skills, or how people perceive leaders has changed across generations? Or is it consistent? Do millennials behave differently?


It’s changing, it is changing, for sure. But I’ve noticed that you know, this particular generation, they have a very high level of confidence, they are so determined. And they are the outspoken, nothing scared them. They are ready to challenge any situation. You put them in front of 100 people, they go to the stage, they speak with full confidence.

But as I said before, the key to success here is proper mentorship, proper advice at the right time. So yes, it is changing. There is a big difference between the leaders of old generation, and the leadership skills of the newer generations. I cannot judge on yet on the Generation Z. They haven’t they haven’t penetrated the market yet. But in particular, the generation, the junior millennials, have amazing leadership skills.

Leadership skills

How should a leader act in a moment of crisis?

Being a successful leader and managing to get things perfectly done throughout a country that’s facing a lot of hardships.

How do you act in a moment of crisis? It’s always important to be goal oriented. Every day we face challenges, and challenges never cease to exist. As you’re growing in your leadership career, or even before you reach, you know, these positions, you’re always thinking that one day, the challenges will decrease, and I will be able to offer all of the skills that I have, but you quickly realize that challenges never cease to come your way.

And in a time of crisis, I think it’s, it reminds me of, you know, working in the ER, when you have this adrenaline rush, that just comes to you. And even though it’s so intense, you’re just focused on doing the right thing. So either be taking care of a patient, or pushing the program forward, or helping those around you reach their paths, it becomes so goal oriented and so focused, that you just, it’s kind of like you, you gravitate all the energy you have, and you push things forward. I think that’s really that’s, that’s my mechanism.

And some might say that, this seems to be not realistic, like you’re not standing on the ground that everyone else is standing on. But you must have aspirations and you must, you must, you must dream big. And I feel like that’s the only way to do it. I believe it’s focusing on the goal, be goal oriented, focus is the key.

Leadership in crisis – always looking for those around you.

It’s challenging to stay focused, because there’s so many factors that come your way. But I feel like if you focus, not just on the goal, but on those around you, of the people who believe in this goal, you can’t just let it go. Because there are so many people who also believe in it.

So you must persevere for yourself and for others and for the institution and for you in our community and for our patients. It’s what we believe in.
To be continued …

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