The Physiotherapy Department is committed in providing utmost quality physical therapy services through competent and highly qualified staffs in rendering state of the art facilities and equipments, compassionate care and cost effective treatment to our valued patients. Thus, helping them achieve their highest physiologic potential and functional level.


The Physical Therapy department envisioned to be the center of excellence in physical therapy services throughout the region by continuing its commitment in providing the highest quality programs.


Quality Healthcare, Patient Satisfaction, Continuous Professional Education, Loyalty, Respect and Trust

Scope of Services:

The Physiotherapy Department assists the patient and family during the difficult phase of recovery from an illness or injury helping them achieves their highest physical abilities.

The department is structured with competent Chief Physiotherapist, Physiotherapist, Physiotherapist Technician, Receptionist and helpers.

Wide array of physical therapy services are catered both in the In-patient and Out-patient. Treatment regimens are individualized depending on the patient condition. Treatment plan of care are tailored according to its needs, thus, helping patients return to their previous level of physical functioning.

Multinational staffing collaborates with other disciplines in restoring highest possible functions in both adult and pediatric age groups.

A detailed evaluation and examination of the physical impairment are conducted to establish possible prognosis and treatment plans.

Restoration and improvement of physical disabilities and impairment through the use of case specific therapeutic exercises, physical agents such as hot moist packs and cold packs, electro-therapeutic modalities like transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, hydrotherapy, therapeutic mechanical machines and equipments like mechanical traction, shoulder wheel , CPM

Clinical services being routinely catered by our multinational staffing includes the following:

Neurologic Rehabilitation

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Pediatric Rehabilitation

Adult and Pediatric Long Term Care

Medical and Surgical Rehabilitation

Ob-Gyne. Rehabilitation

Cardiothoracic Rehabilitation

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Manual Therapy



Ambulation Training

McKenzie Manipulation

It is equipped with well maintained Physical Therapy modalities like:

Power Laser

Diathermy (SWD)

Therapeutic microwave

Continuous Passive Motion Machine

(Elbow, Shoulder, knee)

Varied Electrotherapy Modalities

Intermittent Compression Units

Functional Therapeutic Gym


Traction (Cervical and Lumbar)

Ultrasound Shortwave (Therapeutic)

Infrared Lamp, ankle weights and dumbbells

Tilt Table and vestibular balls