Tips And Guidance After Tonsillectomy

  • The patient is given fruit juices except (orange-lemon)3-4 hours after operation as small doses and after that ice cream (without nuts) – jelly.
  • Chewing gum helps a lot to return the throat muscles to normal.
  • Starting from the second day of the operation; it is advised to eat soft foods such as (eggs – bread – butter – rice – jam – pasta – vegetables) and not rely of beverages and liquids
  • Stay away from solid food (hard) or added spices (spicy food).
  • Do not avoid talking because of throat pain, because talking helps throat muscle movement return to their activity that accelerates healing.
  • After going back home it is advised to stay on bed and return to the activity and movement gradually.
  • Back to school is a week after the operation.

Common things could happen and do not have to worry about:

  • 1
    High body temperature on the day of the operation may occur but it will return to normal rates as soon as the return of bowel movement.
  • 2
    Vomiting may occur after the operation as a result of interaction with anesthesia drugs
  • 3
    Throat and ear pain is expected and it is advisable to use pain killer, such as ACETAMINOPHINE like products.
  • 4
    A change in the voice (twang), but is usually a temporary change.
  • 5
    The presence of a white layer on the place of the tonsils and stays for 1-2 weeks until full recovery.
  • 6
    When there is bleeding, you should go immediately to the hospital (emergency room)
  • 7
    Do no hesitate to contact our doctor if there is any question.

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