Pharmacy Services is here to serve all patients, whether you are in the hospital or visiting one of our outpatient clinics. Pharmacy work to promote safe, accurate, rational and cost-effective drug therapy.

Pharmacy objective:

To improve quality and compliance in medicines management.

Pharmacy Mission:

Pharmacies are committed to providing exceptional patient care and have a team of expert pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who will be available to dispense medicines and share their professional advice.

Pharmacy have several outpatients and inpatients pharmacies

Inpatient pharmacy:

The inpatient pharmacists are involved in medication order entry, preparation and delivery, drug therapy recommendations, drug information consults, therapeutic drug monitoring recommendations, and advancement of pharmacy related technology.

Outpatient pharmacists:

Our team of outpatient pharmacists is centered on providing prescription products, while also providing drug information to patients and providers.

Pharmacies working hours:

All inpatient pharmacies are open 24 hours/seven days a week. Outpatient pharmacies are open 24 hours/six days a week, Friday: closed.

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