August 2021

August 27, 2021

Helping Seniors Find Best Financial Options

If you were to need long-term care for helping seniors starting today, how would you pay for it? If that question leaves you scratching your head, keep reading for answers.
August 15, 2021

Doctors Handwriting Can Be a Danger for Some Patients.

Doctors handwriting can be a danger for some individuals. It has been noted that some physicians have been accused of malpractice because of their bad handwriting. Doctors handwriting kills.
August 12, 2021

How to Prepare Diovan Suspension?

How to Prepare Diovan Suspension? The following preparation will result in an extemporaneous preparation of Valsartan 10 mg/mL in SyrSpend SF PH4.
August 12, 2021

Abraxane Questions and Answers (Protien bound paclitaxel)

Abraxane - Paclitaxel is a medication that belongs to a family of medications known as chemotherapy medicines. Oncogene therapy works by reducing or halting the development of cancer cells.
August 11, 2021

How Would a Pharmacist Obtain Non-Formulary Item?

When purchasing non-formulary medicines, it is important to understand what process should be followed.
August 9, 2021

Why do you want to publish your research? Academic publishing!

Why do you want to publish your research? Academic publishing!
August 9, 2021

Have we achieved the apex of technological development?

The answer is both yes and no. Technological development is limited by the laws of the cosmos, and no amount of knowledge and investigation will be able to alter that.
August 8, 2021

Is Google squeezing YouTube results down our throats?

So this is a rant. I know Google is a business and I shouldn’t expect much, but they constantly attempting to keep us on their platform […]
August 4, 2021

Why Is Kcentra Dosed Based On Factor IX?

Why Is Kcentra Dosed Based On Factor IX? To be able to prescribe the dose correctly for Kcentra, it is expressed in units of factor IX activity, and administered concurrently with vitamin K.
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