How to Prepare Diovan Suspension?

The following preparation will result in an extemporaneous preparation of Valsartan 10 mg/mL in SyrSpend SF PH4.

How to Prepare Diovan Suspension?
How to Prepare Diovan Suspension?

Valsartan, an angiotensin II receptor antagonist, is used to treat hypertension, heart failure, and left ventricular dysfunction in adults and children aged 6 and older. Valsartan is occasionally used alongside other antihypertensive drugs.


This preparation has a shelf life of up to 90 days when packed in low-actinic, light-resistant prescription containers and kept at room or refrigerator temperature.

Valsartan black box warning

Direct renin-angiotensin system inhibitors may harm or kill a growing fetus. If you’re pregnant, stop taking Valsartan right away.

Notes on how to prepare Diovan suspension?

  • Oral suspension made from tablets is more bioavailable than tablets. Reevaluate dosage when transitioning to oral suspension.
  • Oral dose forms (tablets and compounded suspensions) are not mg:mg bioequivalent. Because oral suspension has a greater bioavailability than tablets, patients may need a larger dose when switching from oral suspension to tablets.