Non-formulary item procurement!

Essential steps for non-formulary items procurement

A non-formulary medication request form is accessible in all patient care areas as well as the pharmacy department for patients to fill out.

The form must be filled out fully and signed by the physician who will be treating you.
The request must first be authorized by the department head, who will then forward it to the medical director or his designee for final approval.

The request will be sent to the pharmaceutical department for assessment, validation, cost evaluation, and procurement once it has been filed to the department.

It is possible for the pharmacy supervisor to borrow a medicine from another institution if the desired medication is not available in stock on the local market, or an equal replacement may be provided after contacting the treating physician.

The pharmacy department should be able to get non-formulary and life-threatening medicines that are needed immediately within one to two working days.

Non-formulary medicines should be procured (on a non-Pharmacy department urgent basis) within five to seven working days after being requested.

Any medication that is not on the formulary that is needed on weekends or holidays, or during non-official working hours, may be borrowed from another institution or sister hospital whenever feasible by the pharmacist on duty, who will fill out a drug borrowing form.

About non-formulary medicines

It will only be necessary to get non-formulary medicines for a specific patient.
Non-formulary medicines will only be purchased in extraordinary circumstances, with the permission of the relevant department head, medical director, and pharmacy director, and with the authority of the department head.
In the event of an emergency or life-threatening scenario, the form may be filled out by the treating physician and authorized by the pharmacy director or his designee before being sent to the hospital.