Why do you want to publish your research?

Academic publishing is done for many different reasons. But, the most common reason of all is to spread knowledge of a topic or academic theory. Academic publishing can take many forms. Here are some examples.

Academic publishing is done by journals. Academic journals, sometimes called peer-reviewed journals are written about topics of current interest by people who are eminent scholars in their fields. Academic publishing has an extensive tradition going back hundreds of years. Academic publishing has produced some of the most eminent scholars and scientists in history. The scope and impact of academic publishing are enormous.

Why do you want to publish your research? Academic publishing!

Should a publisher for for open access?

Academic publishing is a process in which publishers allow for the open access of their published articles to the online audience who want to read these articles. This has a number of advantages. Firstly, it increases the level of interaction among scholars all over the world. Open access medical research journals are very popular with authors and publishers.

Why academic publishers allow for open access academic publishing?

Academic publishing can be considered a public good, since research outputs are made available to the public. In fact, the academic community can even support itself by selling its publications. This means that there is money to be made from publishing these research outputs. Academic publishing can only be seen as a public good when it is supported financially by governments, non-profit organizations and other stakeholder groups.