So this is a rant. I know Google is a business and I shouldn’t expect much, but they constantly attempting to keep us on their platform and away from organic results. After recent changes, several results are now entirely or at least 70% YouTube videos. I don’t understand the purpose of having a video button if you’re already forcing videos down our throats to show YouTube advertising

When looking, I like articles with pictures that I can skim and scan to get my answer. I don’t want to watch a 15-minute video of someone shouting, or even put on the sound or a video with others around.

Having Google funnel us more and more towards their own sites is immoral, and contradicts the point of the web being free. YouTube should be separated from Google, but since that will never happen, I believe we’re screwed in the monopolistic world. It’s scary to imagine what Google’s results will look like in 2030, how many more clicks will they funnel to their own properties when will they ever be satisfied, is their goal that no one leaves Google to any other website that isn’t owned? Scary thing for a blogger who earns money.

It’s hard to tell how much of it is “Google promoting its properties (like Youtube)” and how much is “people enjoy videos.”

As a web developer, I’m inclined towards designing for monitors, yet “the youngsters nowadays” are on their phones, therefore the most of my traffic will be mobile. I ignore mobile design at my risk.

Similarly, I believe “the youngsters nowadays” like videos, and that this would be true even if Google were the most altruistic business on the world… since many people enjoy videos and want to see them in search results.

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