Patient and Family Rights (PFR):

Patient’s Rights and Responsibilities have been defined and are actively informed to the patients and families.

Healthcare staff clearly explained any proposed treatment(s) or procedures to the patient and the family.

The information provided includes (but not limited to):

  1. The patient’s condition;
  2. Possible alternatives;
  3. The proposed treatment(s);
  4. The likelihood of success;
  5. The name of the person providing the treatment;
  6. Possible problems related to recovery; and
  7. Potential benefits and drawbacks;
  8. Possible results of non-treatment

General Consent

General consent is obtained when the patient is registered for the first time as an outpatient, and when patient is admitted as inpatient (for each admission).

Reception staff must explain to the patient/ patient representative that by this consent the hospital is authorized to perform necessary medical care such as: examination, tests, procedures, investigation, treatments and patient care

Patient Valuables

Hospital informs patient/ family about the hospital process to account for the patient possessions and ensure that it will not be lost or stolen

Informed Consent

Informed Consent is obtained before surgical or invasive procedure, before anesthesia & procedural sedation, use of blood and blood products, and other high-risk treatments and procedures

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