Laboratory Mission:

Offering a wide range of diagnostic and clinical support services to all patients, which will help the doctors for safe diagnostic and pain management.

Laboratory Vision:

To utilize cost effective laboratory procedures that delivers a high quality of laboratory services to all patients in the eastern part of the region.

Laboratory Objective:

Objective is to deliver consistently high levels of laboratory services and innovative solutions to meet the needs of our patients and customers.

Laboratory Services:

– Hematology Unit:

Available Tests:

  1. – Complete and Differential Blood Count (CBC)
  2. – Bone Marrow Aspiration
  3. – Bone Marrow Biopsy
  4. – Coagulation Profile
  5. – Cytochemistry
  6. – SLE
  7. – Sickle Cell Screening
  8. – D- dimmer
  9. – Hgb Electrophoresis

Available Machine in the Unit:

Cell Dyn 3700

  • – The Abbott CELL-DYN 3700 Hematology Analyzer is a state of the art hematology machine that gives accurate results even in the presence of problematic samples.

KC4 Coagulometer

  • – The KC4 Coagulometer is used for PT, APTT, Fibrinogen and Thrombin determination.


  • – This machine and scanner is used for Hgb electrophoresis

– Clinical Chemistry Unit:

Available Tests:

  • – FBS, RBS, PPBS and other glucose level
  • – Lipid Profile
  • – Liver Function Test
  • – Cardiac Enzyme
  • – Electrolytes
  • – Renal Function Test
  • – Arterial Blood Gas

Machine available in the Unit:

Vitros 250

  • – Vitros 250 analyzer is a fully automated machine that uses dry slide method for the determination of all chemistry analysis.


  • – Rapidlab 348 used for Blood Gas analysis

– Clinical Microscopy Unit:

Available Tests

  • – Urine analysis & microalbumin urea
  • – Stool analysis
  • – Occult Blood
  • – CSF analysis
  • – Ascitic fluid analysis
  • – Synovial fluid analysis
  • – Pleural fluid analysis

Machine available in the Unit:


  • – Electric microscope used for the identification of the cellular elements of blood, body fluids, parasites and bacteria which is not visible to the naked eye.

Urine Clinitek

  • – This strip reader provides important markers to detect early stages of many disease states, such as diabetes, kidney disease and urinary tract infections.

– Special Chemistry Unit:

Available Tests:

  • – Thyroid Function Test
  • – Reproductive hormones
  • – TORCH tests
  • – Hepatitis Profile
  • – HIV 1&2, HIVp24 Ag/Ab
  • – HTLV
  • – Vitamins
  • – Drugs (Gentamycin, Valporic acid, and vancomycin

Machine available in the Unit:

– It is used for serology tests and therapeutic drug monitoring, and uses antibodies to alter the deflection of polarized light. It can also be used to monitor hormone level and some cardiac markers such as troponin.

DPC Immulite

  • – The DPC Immulite machine is used for the determination of different kinds of hormones


  • – Minilyser machine is designed with microplate processor used for serological examinations especially for donor screening.

– Blood Bank and Serology Unit:

Available Tests:

(Blood Bank)

  • – Blood grouping
  • – Donor screening
  • – Crossmatching
  • – Direct Coombs
  • – Indirect Coombs
  • – Anti-D titer
  • – Antibody Screening
  • – Antibody Identification
  • – Confirmation


  • – ASO Titer
  • – Monotest
  • – Rheumatoid Factor
  • – RPR
  • – Cold Agglutinins

– Machine Available in the Unit

Diamed ID System

  • – This micro typing system is used primarily for Blood Bank. Examinations include blood grouping,Rh typing, crossmatching, Coomb’s test, Antibody screening, Antibody Identification and Phenotyping. These uses gel card method

Jewitt T-10 Blood Bank Refrigerator

  • – Blood component storage, with built-in solid-state electronic temperature control with the Jewett T100 Series alarm/monitor system.

Jouan Refrigerated Centrifuge

  • – This is used for separating blood components like packed red blood cells, fresh frozen plasma and platelets.

Platelet Agitator and Incubator

  • – Platelets are stored in this machine for continuous agitation


The laboratories have an internal and external Quality Control Program to ensure accuracy, reliability and reproduction of assays.

– Internal Control Plan includes:

  • – Commercial internal control to monitor day to day performance of the machines, tested once every 24 hours
  • – Patient sample control to ensure the precision of results.
  • – Interlab control to ensure the accuracy of results between same machines in different labs.

– External Quality Control plan includes:

  • – The BIORAD EQAS assay for Chemistry and immunoassays
  • – The DIAMED external quality control for hematology
  • – The MiQAS external quality control for coagulation
  • – The DIAMED EQAS assay for Blood Bank