Is diabetes permanent even though you take drugs?

The answer is No . Many diabetics have discovered that despite their years of medication they live longer than those who do not have the disease discovered or diagnosed early.

Why is diabetes this way?

The first question you may have is, “Why is diabetes permanent?” The answer is simple. Your body does not stop making insulin at a certain level of glucose in your bloodstream. Insulin is an important part of the cells’ job to control blood glucose levels.

When your pancreas is injured or damaged it cannot make enough insulin. This leads to abnormal blood glucose levels, which can lead to organ dysfunction, nerve damage, and diabetic coma. There are other ways that damage to the pancreas can occur, but this is the most common. The damage occurs without an injury to the actual organ.

When the pancreas is damaged it cannot work as it should. This leads to abnormal blood glucose levels. The pancreatic cells will work under normal circumstances until they are triggered by something. If there is no trigger, blood glucose levels remain normally. But when a cell or tissue is injured, the cells can begin to die. Sometimes it’s called Beta cells.

Once a pancreatic cell dies, the production of insulin decreases. Other cells do not get their glucose supply from the blood stream like they do during normal functions. The blood glucose level then rises because the insulin has not reached the cells to replenish them. This can be a chain reaction, resulting in diabetes.

Diet matters with diabetes

diabetes and diet

Diabetes is also caused by eating too much and too many carbohydrates, especially refined sugars. These foods cause your blood glucose levels to rise because they take longer to break down in your system. This means that they take more time for the sugar to enter into your bloodstream. This means that your blood glucose level rises continuously instead of remaining at a steady level.

You have probably asked yourself, “Is diabetes permanent even though you take drugs?” This question might seem unreasonable. But, it may surprise you to know that more than half of those people who have diabetes are still alive for many years after their diagnosis. And, these same people continue to take their medications until they are completely free of the disease. The answer is that their diabetes was not fatal.

Managing diabetes

The answer to the question, “Is diabetes permanent even though you take drugs?” is no. Diabetes can be managed and even controlled if you follow your doctor’s instructions and eat a proper diet. It is possible to live a long and healthy life even if you have been diagnosed with diabetes.

Types of diabetes

There are two types of diabetes. One is Type 2, which affects the insulin produced by the pancreas to secrete glucose from the bloodstream into the cells. This type of diabetes can be managed with medications and frequent urination. Type 1, which is also Type I, is a different story. It results from a genetic change in the cells that produce insulin or the inability of the cells to process and use it properly.

The first stage of Type 2 diabetes is often called adult onset diabetes. This means that the person does not have any signs of diabetes in his blood. As the person grows older, the blood sugar level usually increases, especially if he has a sedentary lifestyle and eats a high-glycemic food or a food that contains too much sugar. These conditions usually lead to an insulin deficiency or a chronic low blood sugar level.

The diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes is usually known early during childhood, as most of the patients starts type 1 DM at early stage of life, and most of these patients are only and mainly controlled by insulin.

Once the condition has been diagnosed, the patient can choose among the various treatments available. He can use medication to control the blood glucose level; he can take regular injections of insulin; take oral diabetes medications; or take daily diuretic tablets. Although all these methods have a positive effect on the blood glucose levels and the health of the patient, none of them can make you wonder “Is diabetes permanent even though you take drugs?”


Diabetes can be controlled when following your doctor instructions.

There are millions who are able to continue working or going about their normal lives despite having diabetes. But the majority of people afflicted with this condition end up requiring constant medical care for their blood sugar levels. You can continue living your life to the fullest even though you have diabetes, provided that you continue to take your medications and eat properly.

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