Starting QM Department

When a hospital chooses to initiate its own quality department and not only hiring experts from outside; then it's raising the standard of healthcare service to the community and aims to offer/deliver competitive healthcare. It does so by applying the current medical practice, supported by advanced technology, state of the art facilities and skilled professionals. In addition, addition, the organization strives to deliver top tier healthcare grade in a safe and patient-centered environment.

The QM Plan and Programs are a collaborative effort made by every single member of the staffing power of the organization.

The design and program employ a systematic approach to quality / patient safety and address's coordination among all components of the organization's quality measurement and control activities.

The plan sets a strong emphasis about measurable safety and performance evaluation of the whole organization that exemplifies and provides services to patients and customers consistent with worldwide standards of excellence.

The aim of this department to support the implementation of the hospital Mission, Vision and Core Values and to enable the creation of an efficient, value driven organization dedicated to meet the needs and expectations of all its patients and customer.

~to be continued

Pharmacist interested in improving the health outcome for every single case he meets.