Usual dosing

HCO3 needed (mEq) = 0.3 x Wt (kg) x base deficit (mEq/L)
Administer half of calculated dose, and then assess need for remainder

Usual dosage is 1 to 2 mEq/kg IV/IO slowly, with a max concentration of 0.5mEq/ml

Intravenous: Administer slow IV push. Rapid IV administration (10 mL/min) of hypertonic sodium bicarbonate may lead to serious consequences (hypernatremia, a decrease in CSF fluid pressure, and possible intracranial hemorrhage) in neonates and children younger than 2 years. MAX 8 mEq/kg/day The preferred concentration for slow IV administration in neonates is the 4.2% strength (0.5 mEq/mL). Other recommended pediatric concentrations for infusions are 0.25 mEq/mL and 1 mEq/mL.
Do not administer by the endotracheal route
Monitor ABGs, acid/base status, and serum calcium and potassium

Solution Compatibility: D5W, D10W, and NS.

References: Neofax