Pharmacy vs. Supply Chain. How well-stocked is your pharmacy department in terms of any and all medicines required by your organization? (This includes intravenous fluids)

Is it possible for Supply Chain to supply or stock medicines for everyone in your organization? And, if so, which medicines or fluids do they have control over, and how do they know?

Pharmacy vs. Supply Chain

The pharmaceutical supply chain refers to the process through which prescription medications are produced and supplied to patients. Nonetheless, the supply chain network is really very complicated, needing a lot of procedures to be performed in order to guarantee that medicines are available and easily accessible to patients across the supply chain network.

Pharmacy vs. Supply Chain

There are a variety of problems facing the pharmaceutical supply chain, including supply chain visibility, medication counterfeiting, cold-chain transportation, and rising prescription drug pricing, which may result in substantial increases in patients’ out-of-pocket expenses.

For our situation in the hospital, the pharmacy department is in-charge of all the procurement process on all medications and IV fluids in the hospital.