Almana General Hospital is among the longest running healthcare services in Saudi Arabia. The hospital group now has 5 general entities located within the Eastern Province. Almana Hospitals was established sometime during nineteen forty’s when they initially set up their first eye and dental clinics. As the demand for healthcare in the region increased, it became necessary to add a more sophisticated services.

Currently, Almana General Hospital in Khobar offers several different types of care to residents of Khobar. The hospital is fully equipped with twenty-four hour observation, urgent care, emergency room, pediatric ward, cardiology and orthopedic departments, laboratories, dedicated wards and pediatric departments. The center is also fully-equipped with emergency supplies as well as doctors on board who specialize in treating critical illnesses and injuries. On top of all the specialty departments, there are five hospitals that are open 24 hours to cater to emergencies.

The primary objective of Almana General Hospital in Dammam is to provide high quality health care services to residents of the city. One of its important functions is to establish a network of medical laboratories that include an intensive care unit, a pediatric department and a maternity ward. These medical laboratories are fully-staffed by medical staff who are qualified to undertake every kind of tests that may be required in order to help the patients.

Almana General Hospital

The center also offers specialized care to specific groups of people. Some of these groups are made up of people with unique medical conditions that require specialized healthcare and rehabilitation in order to improve their health. There are special centers for such individuals at al khobar. They include a physiotherapy center, an orthopedics center, a nutrition and fitness center and an emergency hospital. This makes it very easy for patients who need urgent healthcare or those who have undergone traumatic injuries to reach their right person.

The Rakah Medical Center is fully equipped to treat all types of medical conditions. It even has its very own X-rays, MRI, CT Scanner and Biomedical centrifuges. Although there is a high percentage of foreign patients that are being treated in the hospital, doctors state that 98 percent of patients are local people who need medical assistance and are being treated for a reason that is not life-threatening.

The hospital is fully equipped with Wi-Fi Internet connections, which allows its patients to do research on their condition or their ailment. In addition to this, the hospital is fully equipped with a pharmacy, an IT department, a court room, a restaurant, a cafeteria, a conference room, a clinic and a nursery. Patients and their family members can book appointments online and can even pay their online bills through a secure system. People who need appointments can call or visit the clinic directly without making an appointment.

Almana General Hospital

Almana General Hospital

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