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Simple and convenient Ferinject dosing regimen

  • Administration within 15 minutes
  • No test dose required.
Ferinject dosing and infusion time.
*For adult patients weighing less than 50 kg (110 lb), give each dose as 15 mg/kg body weight for a total cumulative dose not to exceed 1500 mg of iron per course of treatment.
When administered via IV infusion, dilute up to 750 mg of iron in no more than 250 mL of sterile 0.9% sodium chloride injection, USP, such that the concentration of the infusion is not <2 mg of iron per mL, and administer over at least 15 minutes. When administered as a slow IV push, give at the rate of approximately 100 mg (2 mL) per minute.

IV infusion

DoseMax DilutionMin admin time
100 to 200 mg50 mlno time limit
>200 to 500 mg100 ml6 min
>500 to 1000 mg250 ml15 min
For stability reasons, dilution to conc less than 2mg iron/ml are not permissible.

Total iron deficit (mg) and the total quantity of Ferric Carboxymaltose / Ferinject(ml) can be calculated using the Ganzoni Formula

Body weightQuantity in ml (mg iron)
1ml of Ferinject corresponds to 50mg iron
[kg]Hb 6 g/dlHb 7.5 g/dlHb 9 g/dlHb 10.5 g/dl
3018 ml (900 mg)16 ml (800 mg)14 ml (700 mg)12 ml (600 mg)
3524 ml (1200 mg)24 ml (1100 mg)20 ml (1000 mg)16 ml (800 mg)
4026 ml (1300 mg)26 ml (1200 mg)20 ml (1000 mg)18 ml (900 mg)
4528 ml (1400 mg)28 ml (1300 mg)22 ml (1100 mg)18 ml (900 mg)
5030 ml (1500 mg)28 ml (1400 mg)24 ml (1200 mg)20 ml (1000 mg)
5532 ml (1600 mg)28 ml (1400 mg)24 ml (1200 mg)20 ml (1000 mg)
6034 ml (1700 mg)30 ml (1500 mg)26 ml (1300 mg)22 ml (1100 mg)
6538 ml (1900 mg)32 ml (1600 mg)28 ml (1400 mg)24 ml (1200 mg)
7042 ml (2100 mg)36 ml (1800 mg)32 ml (1600 mg)26 ml (1300 mg)
7544 ml (2200 mg)38 ml (1900 mg)32 ml (1600 mg)28 ml (1300 mg)
8046 ml (2300 mg)40 ml (2000 mg)34 ml (1700 mg)28 ml (1400 mg)
8548 ml (2400 mg)42 ml (2100 mg)36 ml (1800 mg)30 ml (1500 mg)
9050 ml (2500 mg)44 ml (2200 mg)36 ml (1800 mg)30 ml (1500 mg)
A single dose of Ferinject shouldn’t exceed 1000mg iron per day or 20mg iron per kg body weigh
The maximum total weekly dose is 1000mg

Dose Administration

Quantity of FerinjectQuantity of iron
2 to 4 ml100 to 200 mg
4 to 10 ml 200 to 500 mg
10 to 20 ml500 to 1000 mg
Quantity of sterile 0.9% NSMinimum infusion period
50 ml 3 minutes
100 ml6 minutes
250 ml15 minutes
Dilution table for ferric carboxymaltose in sterile 0.9% saline soln
  • Ferinject must be administered only by the intravenous route either undiluted as a bolus injection or by drip infusion.
  • For a drip infusion Ferinject must be diluted only with sterile 0.9% NS.
  • Ferinject must not be administered by subcutaneous or intramuscular injection.

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