Pepsin, Lipase, Amylase & Protease:

Indications: dyspepsia due to gastric, pancreatic, biliary and intestinal dysfunction.

Contraindications: hypersensitivity to any ingredient.

Dose and Administration: 2 tablets 3 times daily within or after meals.

Ursodeoxycholic acid:

Indications: for the treatment of patients with primary biliary cirrhosis, treatment of gallstone disease in patients with gallstones who do not need to have their gallbladders removed or in those in whom surgery should be avoided because of other medical problems.

Contraindications: radio-opaque stones, pregnancy, non-functioning gall bladder, inflammatory diseases and other conditions of the small intestine, colon and liver which interfere with entero-hepatic circulation of bile salts

Dose and Administration: 8-12mg/kg daily as a single dose at bed time or in 2 divided doses for up to 2 years, treatment is continued for 3-4 months after stones dissolves.