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The main purpose is to damage cancer cells. Since cancer cells are faster than typical cells, chemotherapeutic agents target these cells.

Different types of chemotherapy.

Treatment with these effective drugs is called standard chemotherapy, traditional chemotherapy, or cytotoxic chemotherapy.

How does chemotherapy deal with cancer?

Medical professionals utilize chemotherapy in various methods. These includes: 

Prior to surgical treatment or radiation treatment to diminish growth. This is called neoadjuvant chemotherapy

After surgical treatment or radiation therapy to ruin any staying cancer cells. This is called adjuvant chemotherapy.

As the only treatment. For instance, to deal with leukemia and lymphoma.

For cancer that returns after treatment, called reoccurring cancer.

For cancer that has infected other parts of the body, called metastatic cancer.

The objectives of chemotherapy.

Depending on the kind of cancer and its growth. Sometimes, the objective of treatment is to eliminate all the cancerous cells and keeping it from returning. You might get chemotherapy to postpone or slow cancer development if this is not possible.

Slowing or postponing cancer development with chemotherapy also assists decrease symptoms/effects caused by the cancer to the body. Chemotherapy sometimes is only given to decrease cancer cells growth only which is often called palliative chemotherapy.

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