Prevention and Management of Medication Errors.

Medication errors 101

We’re going to talk about the prevention and management of medical errors. So far, we have been introduced to what are the medical errors with other the terminology, what are the different types, what are the main causes? Now, we come to what are we going to do about them, first of all, we need to prevent them and then when they happen and they would eventually happen at some point of time, how to manage them.

The patient safety taxonomy is referring to some terminologies that you will face or you will hear as part of the management of medical errors. For example, the term risk, risk is the effect of uncertainty on objectives, extra press in terms of combination of the consequences of an event, including change in circumstances associated likelihood of a cure.

So basically, it’s the risk of something to happen that the possibility that something to happen usually referring to harm. Risk management, the process of improving the quality and safety of our secure surfaces, how this happens by defining the factors that put the patient at risk of harm and then acting to prevent or control these risks. So the risk management is basically “we know the risks and how to make them so that we minimize the harm on our patients”.

Prevention and Management of Medication Errors.

The hazard analysis or the risk analysis is the process used to determine the potential severity of the loss from an identified risk, the probability that this loss will happen, and the third is for dealing with that risk. So we know that something bad could happen at something harm could happen, a loss could happen, what are the chances and how to deal with it?