Our Values as Pharmacists

Our values define who we are as Pharmacists, as a part of the organization, what we stand for and how we continue the work. These values are:-

The Department of Pharmacy Services relies upon seven core values to serve effectively:

Accountability: we responsible for assumption of action, product, Decisions and policy implementation within the scope of our services.

Adaptability: we are able to change or to be changed in order to fit our services better in some situations or for some purposes.

Excellence: we do the best thing, the best service, working as a team to bring advanced technology, best experience and practices to provide the highest quality care for our patients.

Integrity: we do the right thing; act ethically and responsibly in all services we provide.

Respect: we act professionally with others and affirm that each person has special values and unique talents.

Teamwork: we make effective teams through developing respectful interpersonal communications dynamics building a supportive team work environment.

Compassion: we are advocates for compassionate and just society through our actions and words, be empathetic by listening, reflecting and accepting people.


Pharmacist interested in improving the health outcome for every single case he meets.