Long Term Care (LTC)

It is staffed by nurses and doctors dedicated to their patients and families.

LTC unit promise to:

  • Maintain high quality patient care
  • To assist patients in regaining and maintaining their functional status
  • Through an interdisciplinary approach they formulate plans to meet the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of each patient
  • They honor and respect patient’s rights.

Extended Care Services:

  • Rehabilitation services,
  • Nutritional support ( e.g. oral, intravenous or enteral feeds)
  • Medications
  • Skilled doctor and nurse care
  • Physical Therapy
  • Laboratory and Radiological Services
  • Mechanical Ventilation (for those patients requiring such support)

It’s  believe that when quality of life can no longer be sustained, the highest value be through the humanistic support placed in death with dignity
The interdisciplinary team includes nurses, physicians, social worker, pharmacist, dietician and any other specialists whose assistance is required. Priority for admission will be given to patients occupying acute care beds within the unit.

Adult Female/Male LTC Ward

Each unit is staff by a skillful well trained multidisciplinary team including Specialist, Physician, Residents, Staff Nurses, Clinical Dietitian, Physiotherapist, Respiratory Therapist and Social Worker. In addition, there is as clinical on-call pharmacist.

This care is provided for adults requiring care on a long term basis and who cannot cope in the family environment.

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