This to make sure that the nurse is preparing IV medications to the patient in correct procedure.

  • The Medication Plastic Bag were labeled with the reconstitution and suitable diluents information from the pharmacy
  • The 7 Rights of medication were applied for the patients : Right patient, Right Medication, Right Dose, Right Route, Right time, Right Frequency and Right Documentation
  • Preparation area is Suitable & clean. (Using Stainless steel for IV preparation )
  • Cleaned hand properly using antiseptic Agent.
  • Aseptic techniques for cleaning the vials and ampoules before opening using alcohol’s swab
  • Correct IV diluents for reconstitution.
  • Using alcohol swab to clean the vial top or on ampoule’s neck.
  • Proper techniques for puncture to avoid rubber coring.
  • Wearing gloves and surgical mask (Wearing a surgical mask if needed in case of nurse sickness)
  • Correct dose calculation.
  • Good mixing Techniques and correct concentration after reconstitution.
  • Correct and complete labeling.
  • Double checking (by another nurse).
  • Correct Storage.

Should be followed by 2 nurses signatures for preparations and double checking.