1. Determine the current System Failure occurrence in your area, the possible impact in your operation; and the required available resources if safe and possible to continue medical & non-medical operation procedures
  2. Evaluate the patient’s safety and criticality, necessary manpower and equipment needs; and the possibility to move or transfer patients to the other wards/theatre for Medical Care continuance. Transfer of patients to nearest healthcare facility is ALWAYS the LAST option
  3. Call emergency Telephone Extension and report the real Code Yellow situation and exact location; and to immediately contact the assistance of concerned departments:
    1. Call Facility Engineering & Maintenance Department in the event of:
      1. Power Supply System Failure: Partial or Total
      2. Central Medical Gases System Failure: Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide, Medical Air & Vacuum
      3. Lighting System Failure: Limited area or wide spread
      4. Water Supply System Failure: Raw Water or Sweet Water
      5. Nurse Call System Failure
      6. Elevator System Failure: Malfunction or Stopped Between Floors
      7. Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) System Failure
      8. Sewage System Blocked and/or Broken Pipes which may result to Internal Flooding
    2. Call Information Technology Department in the event of: Computer Units and/or Network System Failure or Shutdown
    3. Call Biomedical Engineering Department in the event of: Medical Equipment Failure/Malfunction or System Shutdown
    4. Call Communication Department in the event of:
      1. Telephone System Failure
      2. Internal & External Communication System.
      3. Designate RUNNERS as the LAST option
  4. Implement the immediate completion of the ongoing medical & non-medical procedures ASAP, application of appropriate manual medical & non-medical procedures – if possible; and/or partial or area general evacuation procedure
  5. Designate staff specific assignment; additional staff if needed; runners to relay important messages if required
  6. Evoke Department Specific In-Disaster Functions and Actions when the Hospital Internal Disaster Plan has been implemented; Disaster Command Center activated; and Wait for further instruction from the following DCC Key Personnel
    1. CEO/Medical Director or Designee
    2. Nursing Director or Designee
    3. Hospital Administrator or Designee
    4. SLP Manager/Safety Officer
  7. “CODE YELLOW ALL CLEAR” SHALL be paged ONLY after the following conditions had been received by the Disaster Command Center (DCC) Key Personnel;
    1. The concerned or responsible Department who ascertained the System Check and repair declares the System Normal Operation
  8. ALL AFFECTED Departments/Units/ Wards and Sections Heads/ Supervisors REPORT their area System Normal Operation