1. Duty Security Personnel must take the necessary actions, precautions and procedure from legal perspective in their approach with violent patient and/or violent visitor’s or staff members
  2. On-Duty Security must consider allowing a family member to stay with the patient to soothe him/her when necessary;
  3. To limit the visitors in the area, and maintain adequate space for healthcare providers to perform their duties safely;
  4. Security guard have the authority to remove all personnel accessories that could be used as weapons such as; pocket knives, belt’s, pens, scissors or anything sharp that can be used as a weapon;
  5. The security personnel will only ensure access to the patient/staff or visitor to authorized personnel only;
  6. The security personnel must avoid harsh contact or aggressive behavior of handling with the violent patients, visitors or staff members;
  7. If the patient is female, a female security guard will manage the case;
  8. If the patient is violent due to legal case; the on duty security must inform the police upon the instruction of the treating physician through our receptionist;
  9. If the On-Duty Security can not manage the situation and it is beyond limit, the On-Call Administrator must be requested to attend;
  10. The Security On-Duty must note the details of vehicle number, accompanying person’s driving license, ID (a copy of one of these document must be retained);
  11. The Administrator will be immediately informed and given a concise report of the case;
  12. The directives/instructions of the Administrator must document in the Medico Legal registered and their instructions will be strictly followed:
  13. Call emergency extension and instruct the operator to announce “CODE VIOLET” and location. The information is repeated three times ensuring the operator hears the correct code and ward/unit of the incident.
    1. The operator shall announce the Code violet information three times in the overhead paging system, and to immediately inform all “Code violet” Team Members as follows:
    • Chief Security;
    • Closest Security Guard;
    • Nursing Supervisor;
    • Social Worker (during working hours).
  14. Upon hearing Code violet announcement, Security will respond immediately to the incident area:
  15. Social Worker shall contact family members designated by the patient;
  16. Security shall respond immediately to the department or unit area reporting the Code violet for a briefing conducted by the: unit manager or designee. The following information shall be given to security
    1. Age and sex of person causing the assault;
    2. Height and age (size);
    3. Color of clothing;
    4. Any other pertinent information.