1. Immediately call the internal emergency telephone extension number on the discovery of a spill or release of a hazardous material. The caller shall ALWAYS use the telephone unit that is safe to use
  2. Give the following information to the telephone operator. Repeat this information three times to ensure clarity and understanding
    1. “Code HazMat Yellow” “Code HazMat Yellow” “Code HazMat Yellow”
    2. “Hazardous Material Spill at XXX” (state location);
    3. “My ID No./Name is XXX”
    4. “My extension is XXX”. Optional
  3. The caller will not leave the area unless the odor is nauseous or dangerous. If the odor is in this category; the caller can leave the immediate area but will try to keep the “spill in eye site”. This view point is to establish a protective area for others that may encounter the chemical spill without knowing it’s hazardous
  4. The telephone operator initiates the Code Haz-Mat YELLOW by contacting the following people via hospital telephone or mobile phones
    1. Safety Officer
    2. Chief Engineer
    3. Radiation Safety Officer
    4. Hospital Administrator
    5. Security Manager
    6. CEO/Medical Director
    7. Director Of Nursing/Nursing Supervisor
    8. Housekeeping Manager
  5. The telephone operator will maintains each incident record and other emergencies)
  6. Only the Safety Officer, FEMD Chief Engineer and the members of the staff permitted at the location of the spill. The Fire Team will be permitted at the location of the spill incident, if necessary a incident command post will be created at a safe distance where all staff of the affected area of spill will meet and coordinate functions. Only the members of the staff in the spill affected area may request assistance from other members of the staff assist in managing the spill
    1. All other staff members are prohibited from attending the hazardous spill incident. Security staff will maintain a strict no go zone. Staff members who attend without permission will be subject to disciplinary action;
  7. All other staff members are prohibited from attending the hazardous spill incident. Security staff will maintain a strict no go zone
  8. The Civil Defense Authority shall not be called without the direct approval of one of the following:
    1. CEO / Medical Director
    2. Hospital Administrator
    3. Safety Officer
    4. FEMD Chief Engineer
    5. A senior staff member in affected area shall coordinates the control of the hazardous spill until the arrival of the Fire Team/Decon Team or the Civil Defense authority;
  9. If an evacuation of a department is required, it shall be ordered by the following Senior staff members, respectively
    1. Most Senior Staff in affected area
    2. Safety Officer
    3. FEMD Chief Engineer
    4. Hospital Administrator
    5. CEO Medical Director