Can kcl and mgso4 be mixed together?

MgSO4 - Can KCL and MgSO4 be mixed together? KCL - Can KCL and MgSO4 be mixed together?Today Pharmacy received an order for electrolytes (kcl and mgso4). the patient had severe electrolytes imbalance and the ICU physician ordered some corrective measures.

The order came as follows: [20MEQs of KCL + 2GM of MgSO4] mixed to 200ML of D5W in 0.45% NACL.

Our pharmacy stock of Potassium chloride is from PSI factory in Jeddah, and it comes as 20MEQs in 10ML, Magnesium sulphate comes as 2.5GM in 5ML. The needed preparation was supposed to be mixed as follow:

  1. 110ML of KCL that gives 20MEQs.
  2. 24ML of MgSO4 that gives 2GM.
  3. 3186ML of D5W 0.45% NACL.

Physical Compatibility: Physically compatible. No visible haze or particulate formation, color change, or gas evolution.Chemical Stability: Chemically stable. Less than 5% change in measured potassium and magnesium concentrations occurred in 24 hours.Storage: Room temperature of 22 °C.


Quay I, Tan E: Compatibility and stability of potassium chloride and magnesium sulfate in 0.9% sodium chloride injection and 5% dextrose injection solutions. Int J Pharmaceut Compound: 2001. 5: 323-4.