Man standing next to building

You’re driving your new electric car. However, something is wrong and the engine doesn’t seem to reach higher-speed gears. Your car is controlled by a Bluetooth Controller Joystick, just like the one you’re using to play video games. Car somehow broke down, and now you’re pushing it down the road, suspicious car drives by, and two young men going directly usb car key. You manage to grab the key and then move backwards yelling for help.
Out of nowhere comes an opened workshops, you scream for help as the attackers are coming towards you with some white arms. 
Help came from the opened workshops and they caught the young men, beat them up and used them for decorations. The police are coming so now you can rest. Suddenly, more people are coming into the workshop, and coming out of nowhere.
The police never came, and now you’re trapped in the building unable to pass the opened although it’s opened. You’re searching for a way out, and you find some door on the other side of the building, pushing it open. You realize that the workers are others prisoners.
You think you can help the young men and women in the room, but they pull you in, as a way of rescuing you .You wake up with a tingling sensation down your spine, and some weird desire to remember the whole thing.

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