Accurate prevention and fast control of life-threatening bleeding.SkyDivers - octaplex – Prothrombin Complex Concentrateoctaplex® provides a rapid and complete reversal of vitamin K antagonists (VKA) induced coagulopathy due to:

  • Easy storage at room temperature and quick availability.
  • Small infusion volume with no risk of fluid overload.
  • Short infusion time.
  • No need for blood type matching.
  • Balanced content of vitamin K coagulation factors and inhibitory proteins.

octaplex is ready to be used in life-threatening bleeding, unlike FFP:


Octaplex powd for inj - octaplex – Prothrombin Complex Concentrate


ffp - octaplex – Prothrombin Complex Concentrate

20-40ML 2100ML (30ML/KG)
10 minutes 14-50 hours
Blood matching not required Blood matching is required
Used immediately in room temperature -25°Cthawing time: 30 minutes


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