Valuables — Money, Jewelry, Mobile telephone etc. deemed valuable to patient.

Why it’s important?

To provide guidelines for staff to follow when patients are unable to be responsible for caring for
their own possessions temporarily or permanently. And to protect patients possessions from theft or loss.

  1. Patients are informed that the hospital is not responsible for patients valuables/ money unless
    deposited in hospital safe.
  2. Patients who due to their condition become unable to care for their valuables/ money
    temporarily or permanent — nursing staff will follow the procedure detailed in this policy.
  3. Patients are advised by Admission Officer to hand-over valuables for safekeeping Property
    Sheet will be completed and signed by Admission Officer and patient or representative.
  4. Patients will receive a copy of valuable sheet when handing over valuables.
  5. If patient is not in a condition to provide signature and no representative or family available,
    two nursing staff and security will sign for the valuable and secure it in the ADT officer locker.

#Responsible Person/s Steps
1Admission Officer Receive valuables handed over for safe keeping with relevant property sheet documentation.
2Nursing Staff

procedure noted when patient requests to hand over valuables for <strong>Follow</strong> procedure noted when patient requests to hand over valuables for safekeeping. 

  1. Initiate procedure when patient is unable to be temporarily or permanently responsible for caring for his valuables.

  2. At the time of admission all belongings will be itemized and checked by 2 nursing department staff on patient's valuable sheet.

  3. On completion of the form 2 staff will sign for verification, patient will also sign if able. d) Original copy (white) of valuable sheet will be given to patient. e) Valuables and 2nd  (blue)copy of valuable sheet will be taken to admission office for placement in hospital safe. f) 3rd copy (Yellow)shall be placed in the file. g) Upon return of valuables to patient and nurse will check and verify all are present as noted on valuable sheet. h)  Original copy and triplicate copy will be filed on unit for record. i)  Document in the nursing notes. 

3Security Staff Follow procedure noted when patient/ is unable to sign or participate in caring
for his valuables.
a) Two nursing staff will check the valuables .
b) Security staff shall verify the items and sign in the valuable sheet
c) Valuables and 2nd (blue)copy of valuable sheet will be taken to admission office for placement in hospital safe.
d) Valuables can be handed over when the patient is able to handle the items or when an identified family member or representative arrives.