1949Shiekh Mohammed Abdullah Almana founded the first private medical center in the Saudi Arabia, initially providing Dental and Ophthalmic services.
1956Saudi Aramco becomes the first corporate client.
1960Converted Eye Clinics to an Eye Hospital.
1963Almana Eye & Dental Hospital was established, heralding the first Saudi-owned and operative private hospital of Saudi Arabia.
1979Completion of main hospital building at Al-Khobar. Expansion includes all medical and surgical specialties.
1980New Almana Dental Center opens in Al-Khobar.
1987New inpatient building opens at Al-Khobar Hospital.
1988First Dental Laser services are introduced in the region.
1989First CT scan of the Eastern Province was mounted in Almana General Hospital.
1990Dammam Hospital is acquired by AGH.
1991First Vitro Fertilization Unit of the Eastern Province was inaugurated in Almana General Hospital Dammam.
1993Excimer Laser eye treatment introduced.
1995First MRI of the Eastern Province was introduced in Almana General Hospital.
1995Continuous expansion of AGH adds a new outpatient building in Al-Khobar Almana Hospital.
1996To serve people of Jubail, new Almana General Hospital Jubail was inaugurated.
1996First private medical training center Almana Training Center (ATC) was lunched.
1996Geriatric Unit was opened.
1996Wellness Clinic, Weight Control Center and Speech Therapy Clinic initiated.
1998Introducing for the first time in the Eastern Provence laser treatment for dermatology and cosmetic surgery.
1999Dammam Second Industrial City Dispensary opens.
2000Almana General Hospital extended to Al-Hafof. Opening of new General Hospital toke place in the city of Hofuf.
2003Nuclear Medicine was introduced in Radiology department.
2012Opening of Almana CosmoDerma Center in Dammam.
2012Opening of Almana Medical Center in Jubail Industrial city.
2012Extension of PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) in AGH-Khobar.
2012First MRI (Philips INGENIA) to be installed in Middle East at Almana General Hospital – Dammam.
2013Opening of new Cath. Lab in AGH-Khobar.
2013Opening of new Hemodialysis Department in AGH-Khobar.
2015Opening of Almana Medical Tower in Khobar city.
2015Opening of VIP suites in AGH-Khobar.
2016Opening of Bariatric Centre in AGH-Khobar.
2016Opening of Care Centre in AGH-Kobar.

Core values

Experience Leader, Heritage, Expertise, Success

Innovation Excellence, Research, Safety, Growth

Integrity Ethical, Honesty, Transparency, Sincerity

Respect Dignity, Kindness, Service, Confidentiality

Compassion Sensitivity, Hope, Care, Support


To be the health care leaders in the gulf  region.


To serve the healthcare needs of the region by giving comprehensive care to prevent and treat illness, to provide advanced procedures and modern technology combined with the traditions of caring and compassion.