About Practice in Saudi Arabia

saudi photoFor the last few decades, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been welcoming hundreds of thousands of healthcare practitioners from all over the globe, regardless of their country of origin or religion. As any other civilized country, it has its own regulations along with deeply-rooted social customs that are largely based on Islam as a cornerstone. Obviously, the Kingdom has been adopting the Islamic Sharia as the main regulations and legislation reference, as clearly stated in the Basic System, which is more or less the constitution of the country. The healthcare system is not an exception. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect many of the issues that healthcare practitioners face in their practice will be seen, analysed and resolved from the Islamic perspectives. This book has to be seen within the efforts of the SCFHS designed to help not only the non-Arabic-speaking practitioners to have a better ethical guidance, but also for the non-Muslim Arabic-speaking practitioners to have a better understanding of the basics of the Islamic approach to such issues.