To insure that pharmacy is operating under strict security measures

  • Limited access to Outpatient/Inpatient Pharmacies and security measures are in place.
  • Identification of whom OPD Pharmacy Staff has keys to OPD Pharmacy.
  • Narcotic and Controlled room’s key is restricted to Narcotic and Controlled in-charge.
  • Not more than two (2) keys shall be available in outpatient Pharmacy.
  • The outpatient Pharmacist Supervisor and the Senior Pharmacy Clerk are the only Pharmacy Staff shall have the key.
  • The outpatient Pharmacy shall be opened by the Pharmacist Supervisor or his designee.
  • The outpatient Pharmacy shall be closed by the Pharmacy Senior Clerk or his designee.
  • In case of emergency may happened in outpatient pharmacy out of duty hours, a copy of outpatient pharmacy keys will be available in inpatient pharmacy, safety staff, security man and pharmacist on duty (if possible) will be able to take the key and open the pharmacy to do the necessary action and they should return back the keys directly after solving the problem. A form of (receiving the keys during emergency) will be filled by concern people.
  • Inpatient pharmacies are opened 24 hours and the access shall be limited only to authorized personnel.
  • All medications that transferred from pharmacy to (unit/ward) or vice versa, should be only through looked medication trolleys or/and closed medication boxes.
  • For narcotic and controlled room one Key is available with the narcotic & controlled In-charge and another backup kept with pharmacy supervisor
  • Narcotic & Controlled medications are stored in secured steel lockers inside a room with duple door as per Gov. Regulations.
  • All wards/units that have medications floor stock should be kept in locked cabinet Inside secured medication room, Narcotic and Controlled medications should kept in a Duple door cabinet, crash cart must kept locked.
  • Paramedical items, cosmetics) is done annually and whenever it is Necessary.