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      Generic Name : Lorazepam
      Indication :
      i) Severe anxiety
      ii) Insomnia
      Dosage Form : Syrup
      Strength : 0.4mg/mL
      Stability : 30 days
      Storage : Refrigerate

      Lorazepam 2mg 15 tablets
      Simple syrup qs 75mL

      How to prepare LORAZEPAM SYRUP 0.4MG/ML:
      1. Crush tablets in a mortar to fine powder.
      2. Levigate the powder with small amount of simple syrup until smooth paste is formed.
      3. Add more simple syrup to the paste until liquid is formed and transfer the liquid into a graduated container.
      4. Use additional simple syrup to rinse the remaining drug from the mortar and pour into the container.
      5. Make up to final volume with simple syrup.
      6. Shake well and label. 

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