To the friend quitting her job

When you think your life is absent of meaning, you find yourself getting a job, your own place and winning a bunch of professional awards.

When you come to hate your day-to-day routine, and regard it as a waste of time, you find life gives you an opportunity to spend a year volunteering in Africa or elsewhere.

No matter how you think of your sufferings, remember that life always hands you a solution, which you need to find.

Quitting your job is a big step, let alone going overseas, so it’s understandable you have reservations. At the same time, for the more enlightened people, just working so you can eat and live is to crush your soul and existence. My advice is to step out in different ways while you still have a job, then if something truly pulls you, you can quit with less fear. I think you will find true active love for your neighbor to be much more rewarding for your inner man than the 9-5, and it can serve as a start of a spiritual awakening, if you are ready to hear that.


Pharmacist, CPHQ, CHQO, Quality Coordinator, Chemotherapy Preparation incharge. Graduated pharmacy school in 2009 I stood with my classmates as we recited the “Oath of a Pharmacist” in. There is one particular vow that stood out to me as we recited the Oath and I embrace this vow, “I will apply my knowledge, experience, and skills to the best of my ability to assure optimal outcomes for my patients.” I love being a pharmacist because it allows me to use my knowledge, abilities, and talents to improve patient outcomes in the community hospital in which I am employed as the pharmacy clinical coordinator.

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