Below is a compiled list of Generics and its proposed storage temperature.

Feel free to search or use it as you need.

P.S. the list is hand-made and isn’t prone to errors, if you find anything that needs to be changed just contact me.

Baraclude (Entecavir) TabletsBristol Myers SquibbVIEW PDF
Baraclude Oral SolutionBristol Myers SquibbVIEW PDF
Basaglar InjectionEli Lilly and CompanyVIEW PDF
Bassado (Doxycycline Hyclate) TabletsPfizer, Inc.VIEW PDF
Bavencio InjectionEMD Serono, Inc.VIEW PDF
Belinostat for InjectionSpectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc.VIEW PDF
Benlysta InjectionGlaxoSmithKlineVIEW PDF
Bentyl InjectionAllergan, plc.VIEW PDF
BenznidazoleExeltis USA, Inc.VIEW PDF
Besitran Oral ConcentratePfizer, Inc.VIEW PDF
Bevacizumab InjectionGenentechVIEW PDF
Bexxar (Non-Radio-Labelled Monoclonal Antibody Component)GlaxoSmithKlineVIEW PDF
Bexxar (Radio-Labelled Monoclonal Antibody Component)GlaxoSmithKlineVIEW PDF
Bicalutamide TabletTeva Pharmaceuticals USAVIEW PDF
Bicalutamide TabletsAccord HealthcareVIEW PDF
BicalutamideActavisVIEW PDF
BiCNU (Carmustine for injection)Bristol Myers SquibbVIEW PDF
Biktarvy TabletsGilead Sciences, Inc.VIEW PDF
Bleomycin for InjectionHospira, Inc.VIEW PDF
Bleomycin InjectableHospira, Inc.VIEW PDF
Bleomycin Sulfate APITeva Pharmaceuticals USAVIEW PDF
Bleomycin Sulfate InjectionFresenius Kabi USA, LLC.VIEW PDF
Blincyto Powder for InjectionAmgen Inc.VIEW PDF
Bosulif TabletPfizer, Inc.VIEW PDF
Bosulif TabletsGlaxoSmithKlineVIEW PDF
Bracco CardioGen-82 InjectionBracco Diagnostics, Inc.VIEW PDF
Bridion InjectionMerck & Co., Inc.VIEW PDF
Brigatinib TabletsTakeda Pharmaceuticals USA Inc.VIEW PDF
Brillior (Pregabalin) CapsulesPfizer, Inc.VIEW PDF
BrinueraBioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.VIEW PDF
Bumetanide InjectionHospira, Inc.VIEW PDF
Bumetanide InjectionWest-Ward Pharmaceuticals Corp., Div. of HikmaVIEW PDF
Buprenorphine and Naloxone Sublingual FilmMylan Inc.VIEW PDF
Buprenorphine Hydrochloride Sublingual TabletsHikma Pharmaceuticals USA Inc.VIEW PDF
Buprenorphine Sublingual TabletsTeva Pharmaceuticals USAVIEW PDF
Bupropion ER TabletsZydus Pharmaceuticals USA Inc.VIEW PDF
Buspirone Hydrochloride TabletsMylan Inc.VIEW PDF
Buspirone Hydrochloride TabletsZydus Pharmaceuticals USA Inc.VIEW PDF
Butrans Transdermal SystemPurdue Pharma L.P.VIEW PDF