repeated thrombolysis in 2nd day for patient

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      Mark Perez

      any role for repeated thrombolysis in 2nd day for pt. who reinfarcted again?
      say pt. present with inf. STEMI receive Lytic therapy and in 2nd or 3rd day reinfarcted again with anti STEMI and there’s no PCI capable center..
      can i give Lytics again????
      any ideas

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      Sara Smith

      Thrombolytics can be given with in 3 days again
      Between 6 days to 6montha its contraindicated

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      Mary Gray

      Yes you can give
      – non-selective fibrinolytic agents :such as streptokinase ( antibodies) : you can give again within 5 days or after 6 months
      _ for selective fibrinolytic agents ( no antibodies) : it’s ok whatever you want

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      Anna Lewis

      while you can give repeated doses within 5 days, you also increase the risk of bleeding -which is not a minor morbidity…that is one reason why cardiologists do not favor repeat doses

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      Rose Parker

      Yes .
      Stk not to be given from 7 days to 1 year of first administration.
      However, search for cardiac source of embolus for mi occuring in such close proximity.

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repeated thrombolysis in 2nd day for patient
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