priming the chemotherapy preparation in the pharmacy

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      Albert Murphy


      Any one has information about whether we should do priming for chemotherapy preparation in pharmacy or not? like let the nursing do it.

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      Alexandria Clark
      • 100% of them priming the chemotherapy agents in the pharmacy. Non-hazardous or BSC hood
      • 100 % prime with base fluid before adding the chemotherapy agent, except below which should be primed after adding the medication to the fluids:
        • Drugs that are titratable
        • Drugs may cause a reaction, so we don’t have to guess if the reaction was from the drug or the base fluid

      Advantages of priming in the Pharmacy

      • Reduces the risk of spills/exposure during spiking by a nurse.
      • The first 10-15 ml of line running as diluent in case of a leak, prevents additional exposure.
      • Comply with USP 800
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priming the chemotherapy preparation in the pharmacy
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