How to prepared Ethanol 95% & Phenol 4% Injections

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      Isaiah Butler

      Can any one share the SOPs to prepare Ethanol 95% Injection (absolute alcohol) & Phenol 4% Injection, usually required for Nerve blocking. Any reference book for such preparations.

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      Below are the ingredients and the procedure

      Suggested ingredients:

      • Phenol crystals……………………………..1.2 g
      • Ethanol 95% ………………………………..1.00 mL
      • Sterile water for injection USP ………29.00 mL


      • Empty sterile vials: 30 mL
      • Syringes: 30 mL, 5 mL, 3 mL
      • Sterile 0.22 micron filter (stable in phenol, eg, Acrodisc syringe filter with PTFE membrane)
      • Needles: 18 ga, 20 ga
      • Glass beaker

      Suggested procedure:

      1. Weigh 1.2 gm phenol, place into the beaker.
      2. Add 1.0 mL Ethanol 95% to (1) and allow phenol to dissolve.
      3. Add 29 mL sterile water for injection (SWFI) to (2) with stirring.
      4. Pass mL Ethanol 95% through the filter to wet it, then flush with 5 mL SWFI.
      5. Draw phenol mixture in (3) into 30 mL syringe, add filter from (4),and add 20 ga needle.
      6. Prepare 30 mL empty sterile vial: wipe stopper with alcohol; insert 20 ga needle as air vent.
      7. Inject phenol solution into vial in (6). Remove needles and seal as desired.
      8. Label.
      9. Perform the bubble point filter integrity test

      Precautions: Phenol is corrosive; steps 1 to 3 could be performed in a fume hood and the process moved into the cleanroom at step 4.


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How to prepared Ethanol 95% & Phenol 4% Injections
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