Herbert Hill

I would never give lipids to this patient in their vein in any way until I understand what happened? Why? What gaps, if any, exist between this and patients understanding of the whole experience they had with the white thing they received?

After that I would resolve their problem with experience, knowledge, compassion, and love and make sure they agree or consent to the new plan. I would also communicate this clearly and effectively with other providers and in my health system where this information would be confidentially shared and necessary. I would then present this story and all similar ones to people and show them what works and what does NOT work.

That is what a caring pharmacist in these cases would really do. Or at the very least what I personally would do.

You know every day my little 3.5 yr old want to eat their way, sometimes it can be really risky as you know they want to play more than they want to grow their bodies and organs. Yet, I would invest in all good means to have them on board with their nutritional plans. In the very rare case where you have to cross the boundaries of their autonomy I still do not support hiding what they hate in my enterprises. It is unethical.

I hope this helps.

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