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Attached is a PDF of the Varitect CP product monograph from Biotest Pharma Germany with the requested information highlighted.
What is the amount of dilution?
It comes as ready for use solution for IV infusion (Human Varicella zoster immunoglobulin + excipients glycine and water for injection).
What is the diluent?
Ready to use solution so, no dilution.
What is the infusion time?
Dose is 1ml (25 IU) per kg body weight for prevention of chicken pox.
1ml-2ml (25 IU – 50 IU) per kg body weight for treatment of Zoster infection.
Example: 60ml (1500 IU) dose for 60kg weight.
Administration initial rate of 0.1ml/kg body weight/ hour for 10 minutes. If tolerates can go up to a maximum of 1ml/kg body weight/ hour for the remainder of infusion.
Example weight 60kg:
Administer initially at 0.1ml X 60kg per hour for 10 minutes = 6ml (150 IU) over 10 minutes.
If patient tolerates, gradually increase to maximum infusion rate of 1ml X 60kg per hour = 54ml (1350 IU) over 60 minutes.
I hope this would answer the query.
Please find the attached reference for more information.

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