Tina Roberts

The epinephrine 1mg dose will be the same and the formulation in that ampule can also be given as IV. If you must give as a straight undiluted 1mg/1mL IV push then you should follow up with a saline flush of at least 20 mL to ensure the dose is delivered. I say 20 mL since I use a 10 mL flush after delivering a 1mg/10 mL epi premixed syringe.

My procedure would be to break the ampule, pull up the 1mg/1mL dose, change to filter needled (to filter out glass particles from ampule), then open a saline flush 10mL and squirt out just over 1 mL or pull back the plunger to accommodate more volume, then inject the epinephrine into the flush (through the luer lock hole), then give as IV push to patient. Follow with another flush afterwards.

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