Rachel Phillips

If you want the pharmacist to order PN or to offer clinical consults on PN then you require special competencies i.e. BCNSP, clinical PN internship, PGY-2, etc. If your system requires pharmacists to verify and process  orders and compounds PN then you require different types of clinical and technical competencies.

With above data, if you plan to prepare all Compounding Sterile Preparations in the Pharmacy, you should expect around 2.5 CSPs per bed day i.e. around 300 CSPs per day + 20 PN per day. The required space is around 50-60 meter square minimum.

Ideally each technician should be able to compound 100 CSPs per shift. You would require 2 FTEs for IV Pharmacists (operational) and 5-6 FTEs Pharmacy Technicians (depend on duty hours, vacation days, male:female ratio, etc.) to cover 24/7. If you plan to have a Clinical Pharmacist to round and order PN then this is an extra FTE.

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