Timothy Coleman

@Rachel Phillips

For point no. 2; about whether we are willing to have a pharmacy- based compounding service or combined with pharmacy based consulting/ordering PN service? Kindly if you do not mind, I would appreciate if you could clarify the difference.

For Point no. 3; Current situation
Hospital bed number: 125 beds, 17th in NICU, 4 in PICU, 25 in pediatric and 40 in Maternity.
Scope of Practice: NICU, PICU, Peds
Allocated space in pharmacy:

ante-room: 2.5m x 2.4m
buffer room: 3.7m x 5.7m
FTS: if you meant the pharmacy operating hours, then our pharmacy is 24/7

“TPN service is provided from other hospital in morning weekdays only”
Budget: not decided yet.

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