David King

– Firstly you should make a strategic plan, based on your hospital bed size, expected patient categories who may need TPN. From that you may estimate how many TPN to be prepared daily, and that is the key factor.

– Put on your mind that TPN service and its infra-structure is not cheap and you will not make it every year or even five. So, if you have future extension plans at your hospital (bed capacity or patient categories), you should consider that while planning your project, otherwise you may need to reconstruct your clean room, replace machines or maybe change the whole workflow.

– You have vendors who can construct your room and sell Laminar Flow Workbenches (Favored if you have a good compliant room), or an Isolator (which is not favored by working personnel).

– If you have a number of preparations > 10-15 bags per day, you should consider having an automatic compounder, rather than the manual preparations.

– You will need trained pharmacists and technicians, who are able to operate in clean environment, and another pharmacists on the Nutrition Support level with solid experience and education in Clinical Nutrition.

– The most important is the design of your clean room and workflow, this will have a deep impact on your work in the soon and far future. So, don’t try to make a room design apart from your workflow plans. (Spend much time on planning this step)

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