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Lewis Coates

I agree with Ezekiel, it can be used for short term and medically stable patients, because one of its major drawbacks is that one bag fits all, which is not the case in reality, even when the company has 2 or 3 choices, you still need to choose the most suitable among them.

On the other hand, premixed TPN may be cost effective if you have less number of preparations daily, or when you don’t have a safe protocol and a reliable location for sterile compounding services at your hospital. It can be used also as a starter and on the pharmacy-off days (if you have any).

I would like also to notify you, there are other premixed bags from other companies, such as Baxter Olimel bags (for 2 years and above), you should have a look on them or other companies as well before making your purchase decision.

One final point, it is not recommended to add any electrolytes or others to these bags (except compatible vitamins), otherwise you may compromise their sterility and/or stability. This rule is also applied to Pharmacy prepared TPN bags, not only the premixed.

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